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 # 8 Bonnet Filter    please contact Premium model # 8 bonnet syrup filter for use in a filter tank or pail                 
 # 8 Bonnet Prefilter  

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Econo grade # 8 prefilters sold by the individual unit or by the dozen.

Premium grade $26.25 per dozen


 24" x  24" Square Syrup Filter


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24 inch by 24 inch square syrup filter for propane filter and bottling unit.    

Premium grade filtration paper, replaces the need for the orlon cloth filter.                                                                                 

36" x 36" Square Syrup Prefilters   please contact 36 inch by by 36 inch square syrup premium prefilter papers. Replaces the need for an orlon cloth filter.  
 36" x 36" Square Syrup Filter   please contact 36 inch by 36 inch square syrup filter cloth for filter tanks.  
 36" x 36" Square Syrup Prefilter Papers   please contact Econo grade 36 inch by 36 inch square syrup prefilters for use with the large square filter clothes.  
 24" Sap Filter   please contact Sap filter with rewashable filter cloths and a five micron filter element.  Ideal for use before sap enters a Reverse Osmisis sap supply pump or previous to sap being pumped up to a gravity feed tank.  
12" or 24" Filter Cloth  

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12 or 24 inch filter cloth for use in the Lapierre sirofilter or the Lapierre sap filter.  Available in both 5 micron which is recommended for sap filtration and 1 micron which is used in syrup filtration.    24" one micron one per pkg $24.00 24" five micron, one per pkg $22.00

 12" or 24" Sirofilter   please contact Sirofilter, available in 12 or 24 inch filters depending on the number of taps you have and the difficulty of filtering your syrup.  
 Sap Filter Head   please contact  Plastic sap head for use with 10" or 30" sap filters.  
 10" Sap Filter   please contact 10 inch and 30 inch sap filter for attaching to the sap filter head on a supply line.  May be used with gravity flowing sap or sap being pumped under low pressure.  
 Pail Syrup Filter  

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Pail syrup filter, fits stainless steel pails or the 20 litre plastic pails.

Premium prefilter for above. 


Filter Aid

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Filter aid for using with filter presses, available in 10 and 50 pound bags.  
 RO Prefilter Cloths  

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Filter cloths for RO prefilters, 5 per package, washable and reuse.

Tube Type package of 6

 5 Micron RO Filter Cartridge.    please contact 20 inch, 5 micron RO filter cartridge for Big Blue filter.  
 Filter Press    please contact 7" and 10" filter presses on stands,  complete and ready to use.  
Filter Press Papers please contact Filter press papers for 7" and 10" filter presses.  
Filter Press Pumps please contact Stainless steel filter press pumps, with or without relief valve.