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 Ecolo Spout 5/16 Inch   please contact

5/16" ZML ribbed spout.   Is now available in light blue only.

ZML Spout 5/16 Inch please contact

Zero-Micro-Leak 5/16" elbow spout. Available in stock in black.  Available by the unit, or pack of 100.

Spout 7/16 for tubing    please contact 7/16"  Ribbed Spout.   Available in stock in black. Available by special order in blue.  
ZML Tee  with plug and cap 5/16 Inch   please contact  Zero-Micro-Leak ecolo tee and cap for tubing that fits the ecolo spout and the 5/16" seasonal elbow spout.  Stocked in black and available by the unit, pack of 100 or box of 1000.  
ZML Universal Tee   please contact  Zero-Micro-Leak universal tee that fits both the 5/16" ecolo spout, 1/4" and the 7/16" spout as well as the new stubby spouts.  Available per unit or by the pack of 100 in black.  
 ZML 5/16 inch Connector   please contact  5/16" connector for joining 5/16" tubing, available per unit or pack of 100.   
 ZML 5/16 inch Connector with Hook   please contact  Zero-Micro-Leak 5/16" connector for joining 5/16" tubing or attatching the lateral tubing to the mainline support wire.  Available per unit or pack of 100.  
 ZML End of Line Drop-Line hook.   please contact  Zero-Micro-Leak end of line drop-line hook that allows you to take down the lateral line for service work without cutting the line.  Available by the unit or pack of 100.  
 Slide Fitting   please contact  Slide fittings are used to support the lateral line to the mainline support wire without cutting into the lateral line and allows for easy tensioning of the lateral line.  Available by the unit or pack of 100.  
 ZML Seasonal Elbow Spout   please contact  Zero-Micro-Leak 5/16" seasonal elbow spout (clear or transulcent).  Test result show increased sap flow when these spouts are replaced annually on vacuum systems.  Available by the unit or pack of 100.  
ZML Saddle Manifold please contact Zero-Micro-Leak mainline saddle manifold with fixed head.  Attach to the mainline with standard wire ties. Fits mainline from 3/4" to 2". Drill hole size 31/64.