19/64" Bit   please contact This drill bit is specially sharpened to drill into frozen or unfrozen wood of a living tree. 
5/16" Bit   please contact This drill bit is specially sharpened to drill into frozen or unfrozen wood of a living tree.
7/16" Bit   please contact This drill bit is used on conventional type spouts and drills a 7/16" diameter hole. 
Plastic Hammer   please contact Used for driving or seating plastic spouts and does not damage the spouts.
Tubing Cutters   please contact Used for cutting 5/16" tubing, useful for cutting four seasons or semi-rigid tubing.
Spout Remover - 5/16"  

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New aluminum spout puller 5/16" spouts and seasonal spouts. In stock 30 inches long, 22.5 inches long and 15 inches long.
Tubing Installation Tool (Auto Tension)   please contact Automatic tensioning tool used for clamping 5/16" tubing and installing fittings 
Drum Bung Wrench please contact Drum wrench fits both sizes of syrup drum bungs.
One Hand Tubing Repair Tool please contact  This tool is very useful for doing minor repairs to tubing in the woodlot.  It completes four functions that all can be completed with one hand operation. It can remove spiles from trees, install spiles, remove tubing from a barbed fittings without marking the fitting and cut the tubing.
One Hand Tubing Insertion Tool please contact  This tool is another usful tool for doing minor repairs in the woodlot.  It can install tubing onto a fitting, cut tubing all with one handed operation.  Very easy to carry while checking your woodlot tubing system for leaks.
Spout Reducer Extractor please contact  The answer to saving time and frustration of removing spout reducers from stubby spouts.
Mainline Tension Grip

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 Available to anchor mainline to a post or tree, and is available  in a variety of sizes.
Mainline Ratchet Handle please contact  A must for tightening and loosening tension on mainline wire safely.
Mainline Ratchet please contact All stainless steel mainline wire ratchets that work on wire sizes # 8 to # 14.

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 Large and medium gripples are very useful for joining broken mainline support wire in the woodlot.  The only safe way to joing high tensile wire.  Large gripples work on # 9 wire and medium gripples work on #12.5 wire.