Mainline & Tubing

Name   Price Description More Info
3/16" Tubing MapleFlex Super 10

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MapleFlex Super 10, available in light blue, vision green or natural colour, 15 year warranty (500 and feet per roll). We stock vision green and cool blue.      
5/16" Tubing MAX15

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MapleFlex Max 15 tubing, with 15 year warranty, available in blue, (500 & 800 feet per roll).  
 100 Foot Coils of Semi-Rigid Tubing    please contact

MapleFlex 100 foot coil of semi-rigid tubing for the hobby or begining producer who does not require a large roll of tubing.

 Pre-Assembled Drop Lines   please contact  Built to order with your choice of tubing, length of tubing and fittings.  
Mainline Coils, Blue or Green   please contact  MapleFlex Mainline is available from 3/4" to 2 inches in 100 PSI and is available in Blue, and Green.  Available in various length of coils. Call for pricing.  
Mainline spools please contact MapleFlex Mainline is available from 3/4" to 2 inches on large spools for your convenience, and available in blue, black and green.  Call for pricing and length of mainline on each spool  
Black Mainline. please contact MapleFlex Black mainline is less expensive than the other colours and is ideal for dry line installations with a vacuum system.  
 Mainline Tension Grip   please contact  Mainline tension grip available for 3/4", 1"  and 1 1/4" mainline.  
Ratchet Tensioner Handle please contact Ratchet handle for tensioning mainline wire.  

Mainline Wire Tensioning Ratchet

please contact Stainless steel ratchet for tensioning high tensile or galvanized mainline wire  
Mainline Wire Gripple please contact Mainline wire gripples, available in large and medium sizes  

Galvanized Mainline Wire

please contact #9 Galvinized mainline support wire, 50 lb coil. Roll contains between 950 feet and 1000 feet.  
High Carbon Mainline Wire please contact #9 High carbon mainline support wire 50 lb coil. Roll contains between 950 and 1000 feet.  
Galvanized Anchor Wire please contact #14 Galvanized anchor wire to anchor the support wire.